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Doen and zien
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Doen (to do)

Past participle: gedaan

Simple present:

ik doe I do
je doet you do
hij doet he does
we doen we do
jullie doen you do
ze doen they do

Simple past:

ik deed I did
je deed you did
hij deed he did
we deden we did
jullie deden you did
ze deden they did

A few examples of verbs with the same conjugation as doen: zich ontdoen van (to get rid of), meedoen (to participate).

Zien (to see)

Past participle: gezien

Simple present:

ik zie I see
je ziet you see
hij ziet he sees
we zien we see
jullie zien you see
ze zien they see

Simple past:

ik zag I saw
je zag you saw
hij zag he saw
we zagen we saw
jullie zagen you saw
ze zagen they saw

A few examples of verbs with the same conjugation as zien: ontzien (to spare), overzien(to have an overview).

Note that the examples above give you the unstressed personal pronouns. Some pronouns change when they are stressed in a phrase: je/jij, we/wij, ze/zij (both singular and plural).

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