Dutch lessons in Antwerp

If you have any plans to move to Holland or if you have already settled there, this is the place to discuss the Inburgeringsexamen ('integration' exam for immigrants), NT2 (Dutch as a second language), and studying at Flemish or Dutch schools and universities.
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Dutch lessons in Antwerp

Post by otama » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:56 am

Hi everybody!

I am new in Antwerp, staying there for a 6-month internship from now on and I really would like to learn some things of Dutch. I already bought "Dutch for dummies", but even if it taught me some words and structures, it is not enough to speak Dutch!

So I am looking for Dutch lessons in Antwerp but as a student, I do not want to pay too much, and until now all the prices I saw scared me!!

Then, do you have some tips for me to find some not expensive and suitable Dutch lessons in Antwerp?

Thank you,

Have a nice day!

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