inburgerings exam

If you have any plans to move to Holland or if you have already settled there, this is the place to discuss the Inburgeringsexamen ('integration' exam for immigrants), NT2 (Dutch as a second language), and studying at Flemish or Dutch schools and universities.
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inburgerings exam

Post by durbs.babe » Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:10 pm

hello everyone
i have just completed my inburgerings exam today. i am doing N2 OGO, today i did TGN, EPE, en KNS
EPE en KNS went well. but goodness me the TGN was nothing like what i expected, it was terrible, the sentences are so long, i couldn't always hear the beginning of the sentences, there isn't even time to think. i have a feeling i will be failing that section and probably have to repeat.
- is there somewhere where i can learn better for that section of the exam and better prepare ??
- and how long do i have to wait before the results are posted.

thank you

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