Education Evaluation : Urgent

If you have any plans to move to Holland or if you have already settled there, this is the place to discuss the Inburgeringsexamen ('integration' exam for immigrants), NT2 (Dutch as a second language), and studying at Flemish or Dutch schools and universities.
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Education Evaluation : Urgent

Post by Rodrigues » Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:59 pm

Hello Gurus,
do any one of you got evaluation for AMIE or AMIETE ?
My lawer says he got the evaluation for these as Associate Degree only, but not equivalent to BS. But it's recognised by all universities and IITs as equivalent to BS in India.

I would appreciate if any body throws light on this.

Because of this my case can't be treated as EB2 category, eventhough I've 8 years of experience after completing AMIETE.

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