Access database with Flash card utility.

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Access database with Flash card utility.

Post by Dak » Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:14 pm

Hi All,

I created a flash card utility with access 2007.

I originally created this to automatically create a Gflash googledoc (
If you've used gflash before then you will know what I am talking about. If you don't, then you should check it out.
I use gflash on my phone a lot, but didn't like how it was restrictive to just two columns.

Therefore, I created a access table to hold all my info in a central place, and have the ability to create a gflash googledoc (excel format) when necessary.
I simply upload to googledocs with a new version. I slightly expanded on the database to use a couple of forms to help test my vocab as an afterthought.

There are a lot of flashy 'flash card' apps availabe on the web that have a lot of wonderful functions.
This in no way competes with any of them. It's just a database with a few extra bits that I found useful.
I also wanted the ability to test my written vocab knowledge. The apps I found for this were not free.

If I wanted to use one of these apps, then I could just export my table(s) to a file and upload that to the application. e.g Jmemorize.
This way I still maintain a definitive central source.

I thought I'd share it just in case someone else might find it useful. It is obviously geared with me in mind.
Hence, it is written for English-Dutch. As I have input the word(s), there will most likely be some mistakes.
It might be worth deleting all the records in the backend and starting over.

Please read the readme file. I've tried to make it user friendly with tool tips on the buttons/text boxes.
Some function keys have also been assigned to move through the records and reveal the word(s)

The flash card apps all tend to have the same format. I.e Show the word, you say translation in your head/out loud then reveal answer.
You then say yes or no depending on the outcome. In my form, you type the Dutch word and double click in the box.
The Dutch translation is revealed if the answer is correct. You only have one go in getting the answer correct.
However, you can try as many times as you like to reveal the word. Then move onto the next word.
(It only works for the Dutch translation which was all I wanted at the time. I may change it to work both ways.)
You can select a random set of records to test on.
By clicking the F button it will focus on the word(s) that you got wrong. You can keep repeating this until all have been answered correctly.
Also note the radio buttons. For instance with the verb form gui, you can test the different conjugations.
You can also optionally preceed the verb with the personal pronoun. (e.g 'Wij radio button' it excepts wij/we/jullie/zij/ze bakken)

NB if you change the number of records it resets the figures.

If you have access/excel 2007 then this should work ok without adjusting any settings.
The second attachment tfcv1.0_mde is the database saved as 2003 format. I've not tested it 2003 but i'm assuming it will also work.
You may need to add references via VBE (see the readme file for ones used.) if it complains about missing references.

In the 2007 version you have the ability to add sound files and URL info to each record.

Unzip files and run setup.exe. It will install to the my documents folder. Important, Click the run on first setup otherwise it will not work.
This refreshes the link table data with the backend database. Then select name of googledoc template (default entered already) and your name in the next popup. A couple of browsers will appear. 1st/2nd browser - select googledoc folder 3rd browser - select TFC backend folder.
It's then ready to use.


ps from time to time compact the front end gui. This is just general maintaince you do for all access databases. (NB I chose not to set compact on close but you can.)
2003 format
(547.66 KiB) Downloaded 332 times
2007 format
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