Recommendations and opinions of books, dictionaries, programs, movies, shows, comedy, video players (region issues), music, websites, courses, where to buy Dutch stuff if you don't live there, etc.
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Post by mheathly » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:15 pm

Hi guys, I'm part of an international polyglot community who have started up a new language learning site where you're able to learn enough of a language to get by or "survive" speaking to locals in a foreign country. The advantage being you can end up learning a new language in a day! We've conducted serveys on the most likely words people use when visiting another country and set them out in a way which - we hope! - will be easy to learn.

We're introducing the site with beginners Dutch before we move on to other languages. Before we add all the other major languages, we'd like as many opinions and suggestions for improvements as possible. Let us know what you'd find useful!

Take a look when you get the chance, the whole thing is completly free.




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