Learning simple Dutch

Ideas for learning Dutch. What have you tried? What worked for you? What did not work for you?
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Learning simple Dutch

Post by Ruud » Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:26 pm

Dear readers,

We have made for you a special website where you can learn www.impikoko.wrts.nl Dutch/English. (preliminary level and above)
We have made a special site with sentences and not just single words.
You can listen to the pronunciation too.
It is called http://www.impikoko.wrts.nl It is a special program where you can test your knowledge of Dutch/English vocabulary. If you have your own account than you can download (overnemen) our lists.

http://www.wrts.nlfor making a free account.

Used books: Wordskill and Wordwise. Wordcraft will follow soon.

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