Practicing the Dutch

Ideas for learning Dutch. What have you tried? What worked for you? What did not work for you?
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Practicing the Dutch

Post by Venominus » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:15 pm

I'm beginner at learning Dutch, I've just started learning a month ago. I'm Pole, so I had to learn English too, the fastest way of learning wasn't a part at school where you learn grammar etc. My progress speeded up after watching serials and movies with english lector and english subtitles. Dutch is more difficult in that case. For example, now i'm watching "breaking bad", both with original voices of actors in English and Dutch subtitles, so I learn grammar, vocabulary of Dutch, but the speaking/hearing part is missing, because i can't find a Dutch lector. Where can I find a lectors for movies or tv shows in Dutch? Additionally, what do you propose to me, I thought about reading book in Dutch and in the same time listening to audio book.

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Re: Practicing the Dutch

Post by markmcopc » Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:16 pm

Venominus wrote:... I thought about reading book in Dutch and in the same time listening to audio book.
Hi Venominus. I'm learning Dutch, too. What you've suggested has worked well for me, especially in the beginning: I found books in Dutch that I could read while listening to an audio version of the same books. This helped me over the obstacles of how to discern spoken words and how to pronounce written words.

It is not easy to find good readers or appropriate books, however. has 151 Dutch titles, but the quality of the reading-voices varies extremely, and the Dutch is old-fashioned which is interesting but not helpful to a beginner. There is a complete audio version of the Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling available online, and the text is available online, too. The Dutch in this case is modern and literary, and the readers, although amateurs, do a wonderful job. It was great fun to notice the different accents.

It also helped me to work with texts that were familiar to me in my mother-tongue, which for me was the case with the Bible. For another example, I read many "Grimm's Fairy Tales" in English first, and then in Dutch. A caution here is appropriate, though I'm sure you know it very well, that there is never a one-for-one equivalence between the two languages. Regardless, it provides insight into the nuances of Dutch words and phrases that I'm sure would have more completely escaped me otherwise.

Beyond the free books, the only draw-back of your idea is that it ends up costing a lot of money unless you have a way of borrowing both, the written and the spoken, book.

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