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Post by Bieneke » Thu Aug 11, 2005 7:01 am


Having answered many questions by e-mail, I finally decided to add a forum to http://www.dutchgrammar.com.

Apart from being quite useful, it is much more fun than communicating by e-mail. You can still contact me by e-mail but for the sake of the Dutch learning community, please post your questions in the forum. And of course: If you can help out a (fellow) Dutch learner, go ahead and share your expertise!

For the moment, you do not need to register to post in the Dutch Grammar forum.

the advantages of registering:
  • 1. You will be notified of replies to your message. Very useful if you posted a question on this forum.
    2 You can edit and delete your own messages
In order to post messages, you need to be a registered member. This is necessary to prevent spammers from flooding the forum with rubbish. If you register, the only information that is compulsory is a user name and a valid e-mail address (to which an activation mail will be sent). All other fields (occupation, interests, etc.) are optional.

Unfortunately, spammers get cleverer by the day and they have found ways to register automatically. For this reason, certain domains have been banned from registering. It is possible that, upon registering, you receive a message that your e-mail address is banned. If this is the case, send me an e-mail using the contact form and I will activate your account manually.

That is all for now. I trust that you know the rules of good forum conduct: no spam or abusive language. A list with "forum rules" will follow. [Edited: 17 Aug 2006] The past year has proved that we can perfectly do without a list with forum rules. ;-)


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