Exercises are back!

The exercises are only available on the 'old forum', i.e. the forum before the January 2008 update. You can still do the old exercises here: www.dutchgrammar.com/forum/quiz.php
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Exercises are back!

Post by Bieneke » Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:20 pm

The exercises still reside on the old forum but you can now access them again.

You can find them here: www.dutchgrammar.com/forum/quiz.php

You can also go there by clicking on on the link 'exercises' (or 'oefeningen' if your language is set to Dutch) in the top menu of the forum.

The exercises script is not part of the phpbb forum package (which we use for this forum). The author of the script is working on an update to make it compatible with the latest phpbb software. When the update is finished, I will move the exercises to our new forum. If you only want to do the exercises, it does not really matter where the exercises reside. It only matters to those who wish to add a new exercise: The procedure is now somewhat different. Just contact me if you would like to add a new exercise.

Veel oefenplezier! :)

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