MP3 titles from the Audio exercises for pronunciation

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MP3 titles from the Audio exercises for pronunciation

Post by Jeff » Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:43 am

Several of these have incorrect titles, it's one way my particular mp3 player sorts 'songs' by.

Oh and if I miss-spell something thats my fault..<G>.

caligraftie_client_creatief.mp3 title is centrum, cinema, ceremonie
centrum_cinema_ceremonie.mp3 title is extra, fixatie, exact
licht_bochel_stichting.mp3 title is extra, fixatie, exact
extra_fixatie.mp3 shouldn't that name be extra_fixatie_exact.mp3 and the title is radar, regendruppel, verwarming
radar_regendruppel.mp3 name missing _verwarming and title is aquarium, quasi, queeste, quiz
aquarium_queeste.mp3 name missing quasi_queestc_quiz_  and title is het, gaat, hell, goed
fier_vier_wier.mp3 title is centrum, cinema, ceremonie
gaan_haan_goed_hoed.mp3 title is fier, vier, weir, fout etc etc...
vaper_lever_vent.mp3 title is taart, trein, twaaf

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Post by Bieneke » Mon Dec 18, 2006 5:40 pm

Thanks, Jeff :-)

I had not realized that! I will change the tags of the mp3 files and upload them again.


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