Hide your e-mail address for spammers

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Hide your e-mail address for spammers

Post by Bieneke » Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:45 pm

Hallo allemaal,

If you do not want spammers to find your e-mail address, do not write your e-mail address in forum posts.

Spammers constantly search the internet for e-mail addresses and they often use sophisticated software that enables them to screen thousands and thousands of websites.

On this forum, the e-mail address that is stored in your profile is hidden to spammers and the outside world in general. You can choose to have your e-mail address displayed to other forum members but by default, your e-mail address is hidden even to other forum members.

However, if you write your e-mail address in your post, you disclose your e-mail address to the whole world of internet users. Including spammers.

If you do choose to type your e-mail address in a forum post, replace the at sign (@) by the five characters ampersand, hash, six, four, semicolon:

& # 6 4 ;

Do not use spaces between the characters.

This combination of characters will show as '@' in your post but it will fool many (but not all) spammers who will not recognize it as an at sign.

A regular at sign will give you: blabla@blabla.com (which automatically turns into a clickable link). The combination &#64 ; gives you blabla@blabla.com, which is not clickable and not recognized as an e-mail address by many of the spammers.

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Post by Jeff » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:19 pm

Dank je wel Bieneke :)

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