episode 2

Would you like to publish your own sound files? As a Dutch native speaker, you can create sound files to help Dutch learners. If you are studying Dutch, you can record your voice to practice your pronunciation -- and ideally, let the rest of us enjoy it too. :)
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episode 2

Post by pierre » Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:30 pm

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Could we forget the nog in the following sentence ?

De verschrikte bruid riep haar man nog tevergeefs na.

De verschrikte bruid riep haar man tevergeefs na.


Does kilometer needs s in Pas na 50 kilometer(s) ?


Ook hulpvaardige automobilisten konden de chauffeur...

is this right since hulpvaardige automobilisten does not start the sentence shouldn't the verb come first like

ook konden hulpvaardige automobilisten de chauffeur...

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