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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 12:06 am
by Bieneke
Mooi gedaan, Kimoso! Je spreekt de woorden duidelijk uit en met de juiste intonatie. Proficiat. ;-)

Good job, Kimoso! You pronounce the words clearly and with the correct intonation.


Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 5:08 am
by EetSmakelijk
Kimoso, you are in the show. ;)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 6:32 pm
by kimoso
Oh yay!!! :)

p.s. how bad is my accent? as in, how noticeably foreign?

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 8:42 am
by singerin
Don't worry. You have an accent but it's ok. Everybody has it.  I mena foregners. You did it great. I heard many people and I couldn't understand what they were saying. At my integration courses the are many people( who has been living in the Netherlands for 5-8 years) and speak with such a terrible accent. They have problems with speaking.   It depends on your mothertongue. The most difficult one( to pronounce) are ui ( yours was perfect) and sch, eu etc.
Congratulations. You're in the show.

Maak geen zorgen. Je hebt en accent maar het is in orde. Iedereen heeft het.  Ik bedoel buitenlanders.  Je hebt het goed gedaan. Ik heb veel mensen gehoord en ik kon niet begrijpen wat ze hebben gezegd. Er zijn veel mensen op mijn inburgeringscursus die 5-8 jaar in Nederland wonen en spreken met een vreselijk accent. Ze hebben moeite met spreken. Dit is afhankelijk van je moedertaal. De moeilijkste ( om uit te spreken) zijn ui ( die is van jou was perfect) en sch, eu etc.
Gefeliciteerd. Je bent in de show.

Great Job

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 7:08 pm
by Tom
Hoi Kimoso,

You did a great job with the audition.
I understood everything.  Your accent is more Flemish than Dutch
but then so is mine as I live in Flanders for the moment.
It sounded very natural and not forced!  Super!

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 7:24 pm
by Dora
Of course you understood it all, Tom.  Don't you have the whole movie memorized? ;)

Sounded good to me, too.  All these people with good speaking ability and I find it so difficult.  Oh, well. I'm a good listener, anyway.

Re: Great Job

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 11:44 pm
by kimoso
Tom wrote:Hoi Kimoso,

You did a great job with the audition.
I understood everything.  Your accent is more Flemish than Dutch
but then so is mine as I live in Flanders for the moment.
It sounded very natural and not forced!  Super!
Lol, flemish?! Really! I kinda have trouble understanding flemish people.  :o  :P

Well, at least, I think I do, but I haven't actually heard that much of the flemish accent..

Re: Great Job

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 12:24 am
by Quetzal
kimoso wrote:
Tom wrote:Hoi Kimoso,

You did a great job with the audition.
I understood everything.  Your accent is more Flemish than Dutch
but then so is mine as I live in Flanders for the moment.
It sounded very natural and not forced!  Super!
Lol, flemish?! Really! I kinda have trouble understanding flemish people.  :o  :P

Well, at least, I think I do, but I haven't actually heard that much of the flemish accent..
Hm. At times it does sound Dutch... but most of the time the Dutch accent is mostly absent, which I guess brings it closer to Flemish, yeah.

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 4:12 am
by EetSmakelijk
I am very happy to welcome Snoezig to the show. :D
You are in, Snoezig. :D/

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 5:52 am
by Snoezig
EetSmakelijk wrote:I am very happy to welcome Snoezig to the show. :D
You are in, Snoezig. :D/
Snoezig zegt:

:D/  :D/  :D/

Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:59 pm
by EetSmakelijk
Hallo allemaal,
First of all I'd like to say congratulations to all the people who are now in the show, old-timers and "new-timers" all.
All of you did a great job last time and I look forward to hearing the new voices.
I just want to say that it might be awhile before we have lines for you all to record. The reason is that the scripts are not even written yet, let alone translated into proper Dutch for the show. ;)
I have a couple requests for anybody (native or non-native speakers).
1. A product to advertize in the introduction and again at the end.
2. I have written one ad about a product that makes you able to speak Dutch without being too nervous, but that is only one ad and we need one or two more please.
3. Dora suggested we do mock interviews and I thought we could even do real ones so I think it would be fun if we did one mock, and one real interview.
My question is, who would you like to hear interviewed? What would you interview the person about?
4. Please PM all answers to me, as I do not want all of this stuff posted, gotta keep it geheim until it's time for the show or at least sort of secret. ;)

I read a little bit in the KH and people were discussing the show and how I was now the person running it. I have to say it is challenging, I want to be original but don't want to make way too much work for people. I hope I will be good enough at this and that I won't drive anybody gek. :P
Groetjes uit Canada,

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:52 am
by EetSmakelijk
Bieneke suggested I post this; I was shy but here goes! :P

All the characters are labelled with letters. The traveller could either be a woman meeting a penpal (I refer to traveller as she for simplicity) or a man going to meet a Dutch woman he has fallen in love with.. Or, A could be a man with a female traveller who has fallen in love with him. My example has them both women and just friends/penpals.
Jeff and Dora were helping me a lot in the kh and Jeff by pm.
I hope I understood the ideas correctly, if not please send me a pm to correct my mistakes.


There is going to be a part where T is on the airplane but this has not been written yet and I will be consulting with Jeff and Dora for this so will not post it until I request help with translation.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Any native Dutch speakers please answer any or all of the questions mixed in with the text. Also, please start translating.

I don't know if we have either too few or too many parts. If the number of characters needs to change I will try and insert more or take some out.
Do you all think Traveller has a good part or is it too much or too little? Is it fair that some other characters get to say very little? Is anybody ok with possibly acting two smaller parts if there aren't enough people? (No you won't talk to yourself. ;) )
Ok, here's the play I have started to write:

(Sounds of a crowded airport.)
T has just stepped off the plane and is looking for A.
T asks a passer-by where the baggage area is because that is where they will meet.
T: Excuse me, Sir, do you know where the baggage area is?
B: Certainly, turn left here and go down the hall until you see a sign that points to baggage claim.
T: I am sorry, I didn't quite understand that, could you speak more slowly please?
(B repeats the directions more slowly.)
T: Thank you!
B: Glad to help.
(Question for a Dutch person, would B ask if T was on vacation and wish him/her a nice vakantie?)
You hear T walking and then:
A: Excuse me, are you T?
T (sounding relieved): Yes! Are you A?
A: Yes! It's so nice to see you! You look just like your picture. Good thing too because then I'd never have found you. Did you have a good flight? Do you like the Netherlands?
T: So far, it's great! I especially love the people. They're so polite.
A: Great! Let's find a train and then we can travel to (insert place name) and I'll show you my house and you can meet my parents who speak no English, no don't look so frightened, I'll translate if you really get confused.
T (sounding nervous): Ok, I hope I don't do anything rude. Please tell me about Dutch customs so I don't look silly in front of your parents.
(Need help here from a Dutchie. Is it true that visitors take off their shoes before stepping into a house?)
A: (explains some stuff about etiquette)
(sounds of walking and the sound of a train)
A: Ok, here's the train, now we need two tickets to (insert name) and I don't know how much they cost. Please ask the man there.
T: You mean you want me to ask him in Dutch?
A: Of course, it's the only way you learn. He won't bite (is this even a Dutch expression?). It's his job to help people find the right train.
T walks slowly up to the counter.
C: Good morning, how can I help you?
T (stutters a bit and then says): Um yes, may I have two tickets to (name) and how much does that cost?
C: (insert price that makes sense)
T: Thank you, sorry for my bad Dutch.
C: Your Dutch is very easy to understand. Have a good trip.
A: See that wasn't so terrible now was it!
T (sounding sheepish): Nope, not bad at all.
A: Well, we'd better catch that train!

Act 2

A and T are standing outside A's house. They are just about to go in but T is shy about meeting A's family.
T: How do I address your mother? I call you "je" but should I say u to her?
A: No, je to her is fine.
T: What about your father?
A: Same thing, je is fine. Really there's no need to be nervous. They're very friendly people.
Sound of doors opening and T steps inside the house.
A's Mum: Hello, T, nice to meet you! A has told me so much about you, it is so nice that you have come all the way from (place) to visit us! I have just made lunch. I made Dutch food so you could try some of our food. There is (insert food...).
T: Wow, that's wonderful! Yes, I could use some lunch. I am very glad to be here, A told me so much about the Netherlands I just had to visit!
A's Dad (walks in from another room): Hello, T! Welcome to the Netherlands and to our home!

Act 3

A and T are at the market. T is going to ask for groceries for a meal she wants to cook so she can make A some homemade pizza. Will T get all the ingredients she needs?
D: Can I help you?
T: Yes, I need some tomatoes, garlic, onions, capers, olives, olive oil, pineapple, green pepper, hot chili peppers, and saussage.
D: Certainly. Anything else?
T: No thanks, that's everything.
D: That will be (insert price).
A: What are you going to do, put everything on that pizza? Doesn't that make it taste strange? I am not sure about it but since you are brave enough to speak Dutch and you pronounced all those words right, I will try homemade pizza.
T: Good, if you didn't, you'd be missing something amazing.

Act 4

T is hosting a pizza party at A's house.
A: Come on in everybody, T is just about to start cooking and you don't want to miss this. She said we could all watch her!
F: Right on! (this is another expression I have no idea if it exists)
G: It looks good.
H: Yep, sure does.
T (sounding nervous): I hope you like it.
G: I've never seen so much stuff on top of a piece of bread. I mean, I just put (what's that stuff called again?) on my bread in the mornings and I've never thought of putting all that stuff on.
H: Same here, but it's bound to be great food!
F: She's taking it out of the oven, look, here it comes, wow, it smells so good!
(You hear some oo and aa sounds as people exclaim over the pizza.)
T: Eet smakelijk!
F: T, are you going to move to the Netherlands? Because if you do you should open a restaurant and sell your pizza!
T (laughing): Well, I might move here, but I don't know about opening a pizza restaurant. I'm glad you like it.
H: Yeah, we do, and your Dutch is great too! You speak better Dutch than...
G: Than my sister.
T: How old is your sister? I bet she's two or something.
G (laughs): No way, she's 20!
T: Why does she speak bad Dutch?
G: Because she doesn't make the sounds as clearly as you do. People are constantly asking her to repeat.
A: Where are you going to visit after me?
T: Flanders. I am going to visit all the war memorials. It's sad, but history is important so we don't repeat it.
F: I agree.
G: Yep.
H: I am from Flanders. You might have noticed I have a different accent. Well, these Dutchies say I have an accent, but I think they all have the accent. Anyway, I am glad you are going to visit my country. Say hello to it for me please, I really miss home.
T: Yes, I did notice. Thanks for the explanation. I guess it's the same thing with English-speaking countries. They each have their own accents. I'll give Flanders a big hello from you!
A: Sorry everybody, but it's almost bed time. I have enjoyed the party so much I almost forgot that I have to work tomorrow after I take T to the airport.
T: Forgetting about work is always a good thing.
F: Not for me, I love my work.
G: Work is ok, but partying is more fun.
H: I hate work, I work only so I can eat.
T: I am glad you all liked my pizza and I am so glad I got to meet you. This country is the best, I really do think I will move here!
H: Before you decide where to move, visit Flanders first.
T: Good idea. I have a feeling it will be just as amazing and then I won't know where to move!

Part 2 Flanders

Act 1

T has decided to take a boat to Belgium instead of an airplane. She is at the docks asking how much it will cost.
T: Excuse me, how much is a ticket to (insert name of city, would it be Antwerp?)
I: (Gives the price.)
T: That's perfect, thanks.
T arrives in Belgium all in one piece and needs to find a hotel.
T: Excuse me, do you know a good hotel in this area?
J (Person with strong Antwerps accent guess whos gonna play this part ;) ):Yes, it's the Hotel Antwerpen and it's three streets south and four streets west.
T (Sounding shy): Sorry, could you repeat that please?
J (in standard Dutch this time repeats the same directions)
T: Oh, now I understand. Were you speaking a dialect, it sounds very lovely but I do not know it.
J (in Antwerps again): Yep, it was the Antwerp dialect. I do that to all tourists to see their reactions. (Repeats same words in standard Dutch.)
T laughs: thank you. I have to say those were the most entertaining set of directions I have ever received!

Act 2

At the hotel T asks for a room. (I am trying to make something confusing and a bit frustrating happen here, not major, but a language misunderstanding or something. Any ideas?)

Act 3

T needs to do something interesting like sight-seeing, any ideas? Not sure if I should try a serious topic like war memorials or something light?
P.S. Just realized I said T was going to the airport but then decided to take a boat. Hmmm, gotta  fix that. :P

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:56 am
by Dora
Wow that is long.

I like a lot of it, but the T part is too big.  Who is going to want to do all that?  As a story, this could be great. As a learning exercise (speaking practice), it may be a bit awkward.  I like the short lines.  That will be good for the learners.  I love the pizza scenes.  It is okay if people do more than one small part.

I can probably translate a lot of that.  One of the books I found had similar dialogue.

I'll get to thinking about the airplane part.  I haven't been on one in a while, though. :)

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 4:08 am
by EetSmakelijk
I'd have no problem doing all that part but then I won't be able to do the part of  J. :P
Hmmm, what do you other people think, too long? How do I fix it?

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 4:13 am
by EetSmakelijk
I thought of a way I might be able to shorten T's part. I'd have to make it two travellers. Like maybe two sisters, or a brother and a sister visiting their frend in Nederland. T1 could make pizza, t2 could ask for the groceries, t2 culd ask for the train tickets, t1 would be nervous about speaking to A's parents. It would make the show a bit longer but it would keep T's part manageable. Is that a good idea or do I just need to shorten it and find some way for T to have fewer lines.
Oei, such a lot of questions!
Thanks for your comments, Dora.