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Dutch Difficulties with English Dialects

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:06 am
by AyubkhanKadiev
Sorry if this isn't exactly the place for this question. I have no options other than this. I am a history student. Dutch history is a small part of our syllabus. As art of out syllabus, I have to write a thesis on the topic “Dutch Difficulties with English Dialects” within one month. I already collected some points from internet, but it is not enough for my thesis. One of my friends suggested a thesis writing service to handover my task. But, without knowing them well, I cannot select it. Is this thesis writing service genuine to write my thesis? Please share your thoughts here.

Re: Dutch Difficulties with English Dialects

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:43 pm
by Teodor
Well, since you ask for our thoughts, I'll give you mine, although I'm not sure you'll like them. My advice is to try to write your paper yourself. Not only is it more honest and more honorable, it's also a lot cheaper and guarantees that you'll now you've actually deserved your degree. It also means nobody can accuse you of fraud, which in some cases (depending on the severity of the fraud, university rules, etc...) might even mean either exclusion from the university or an annulment of your degree (and thus a gigantic waste of time, money and dignity).

Adding to that is the fact that you have no guarantee on the reliability of this thesis writing service. Even if they provided for a free example on their website (which they don't), how do you know that they have written it themselves and how many time it took them? And think about it: what are the chances that someone behind this service knows anything about a topic as obscure as "Dutch Difficulties with English Dialects", or even about relevant areas of knowledge such as English and certainly Dutch phonology and phonetics? Sure, if a person is intelligent enough and has enough time to do it, he can learn the basics if given a month time, but is this really a guarentee that he will write a quality paper? Also, universities are increasingly apt at detecting such things.

And, finally, it doesn't seem very wise to publicly announce that you're thinking of using such a service on the internet...

So, again, my advice is to try and do it yourself. Search all databases you can find, perhaps even find some Dutch speaking people for small scale tests, etc... Especially as it seems that this course isn't very central to your studies, one can presume that it will take less effort and time than papers written for other, more important courses, and that less is expected. But yes, you may fail, but then you will have saved your honour (and money). And you might succeed - and what greater pride is there than the pride to have succeeded on your own.

My 2 cents...