NT2 is 'Nederlands als Tweede Taal' or 'Dutch as a second language. 'Inburgering' is 'integration'. Many people who settle in the Netherlands have to do the 'inburgeringsexamen' or 'Staatsexamen NT2'. In this subforum, you can ask questions about this exam. If you have already done the exam, you are warmly invited to share your experience with us!
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I am a bulgarian student at the Tilburg University, desperate to get Studie Financiering. I know the procedure from inside out and I was almost sure that I am ready to apply on Monday but I realized something that is really bad. I need a tewerkstellingsvergunning in order to get anything from IB-Groep. This is one of the hardest things I have done but I have it. i also have a working contract that states I am Working at least 8 hours a week, as required. Problem is, these documents are not from the same employer. The work permit is from eena and the contract from McDonald's. Is this a problem? Please, help me!


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