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Kun je me helpen - re LOI

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:16 pm
by Shazzy ... /index.htm

Can someone help me please. I am trying to get a sample lesson from LOI for the NT2 course but I am having problems with it. The link is above and at the bottom of the page it says "gratis proefles" and I take that to be a free sample lesson. When i click it gives some Dutch which is unfamiliar to me. I think perhaps the website is broken not sure. Just wondered if someone could try it for me and see if it works for them.


Re: Kun je me helpen - re LOI

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:09 pm
by Bert
It works fine but it takes some time to download more than 200 'afbeeldingen'. Furthermore, you'll have to possess some knowledge of Dutch if you want to use it.

Re: Kun je me helpen - re LOI

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:10 pm
by Joke
Works fine for me, but it was not easy to really get to the download.
After clicking through several websites, I found a direct link here and managed to download the gratis proefles (in firefox). You still have to click 'download proefles' twice.
It looks like you also need a textbook and a cd with it that are not provided. Also, this looks like the very first lesson, but all instructions are in Dutch, so if you really are a beginner, I don't think you'd understand what you're supposed to do. (But I don't think that is a problem for you Shazzy, as your Dutch is already quite goed).


Re: Kun je me helpen - re LOI

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:22 pm
by Shazzy
Thank you Bert & Joke for your help in this.
I am not a beginner..... I am in my third year of Dutch now. I have been learning via a Dutch Language school here in the UK. First I did a beginners course with them, then elementary and now a GCSE course. GCSE is the qualification that children take at 16 before they go on to higher education. GCSE is meant to be on par with NT2 but I can tell you its not. I think GCSE is more A2 level and I am told that NT2 IS B1 LEVEL. I did well in my mock exam in January and gained a "B" pass which means I had to get 70% right so I was well pleased. There are two higher levels which are "A" you need 80% or above and "A*" you need 90% for that grade. I was hoping to go on to the next level up next year which is ALevel but my teacher told me there is a big loop hole in the education system here and there is a big jump between GCSE and AS Level (My husband is doing that this year and is finding it a challenge). Also after GCSE you do not do speaking which I think is stupid it's all very acedamic. My GCSE course has been excellent but for me there has not been enough speaking practice. I decided to try and find a teacher who could help me and I have a lovely lady called Yorien who lives in Grongingen and teaches me via skype. I have only had 6 lessons but my speaking has come on leaps and bounds since speaking with Yorien for just 20 minutes a week. She is helping me to prepare for the speaking part of the exam. At the moment I just want to speak Dutch all I can. I really can't understand why my mum never brought us up speaking Dutch and when I wanted to learn at the age of 21 she would not even help me then and as it was hard to find classes never got beyond basics really. Now at the age of 51 I am doing so well =D>
After my GCSE I want to find something to further my Dutch and thought perhaps the NT2 course with LOI will be good. I don't mind if some of it I might already know as it will be just revision. As I understand it I will get a vocabulary and grammar book which will be in English with the course and CD's for listening and speaking practice. It will all be graded and by looks of it perhaps you self mark the grammar side of things. I realise all instructions will be in Dutch but I am sure I can handle that or my husband can help me and at last result I am sure you guys will help me :D. I am sure there will be a tutor attached to the course who I hope will have some knowledge of English if I run into any problems.

Thanks I downloaded it in the end using firefox Joke so it was AOL stopping me typical.

As far as you know is the a big jump in NT2 LEV1 AND NT2 LEV 2 or do they follow on at a moderate pace.

I am excited about starting this course later this summer. It is expensive but all good things are arnt they? If you want to learn a language well you have to work at it and make sacrifices [-X

Already I see you all as friends.