Here, you can introduce yourself. What is your reason to learn Dutch? Work or study? A Dutch-speaking loved one? Sheer curiosity? Share it with us!
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Post by Jonesy » Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:22 pm

Hello everybody, I thought I would introduce myself & give you an idea of my reasons for being here.

I currently live in England but will be soon moving to the Netherlands permanently (God willing), my partner is Dutch, she is originally from Utrecht but is now living in Dronten.

Naturally I am learning Dutch as to succeed in another country it is imperative to have a grasp of the native language, apart from the 'real life' immersion I have with my g/f and her family I also use the Rosetta Stone approach, my Dutch at present is solely 'spoken' rather than 'written' learning the correct pronunciation and to think in Dutch is my main course of learning for the time being, naturally I can use simple written phrases but nowhere near a level I am comfortable with.

I stumbled across this very informative website and thought this would be an excellent help for my progression with the language.

As for my own background, I am a digital artist, I have some of my works displayed at Deviant Art, should anybody be interested :D My hobbies include collecting German & British war militaria, travel, and of course, art :) I also am interested in football, I played to semi pro standard as a youth, but the years are catching me up now :)

I hope to gain some help from the people here and hopefully make some new friends!



My Art - http://j-u-d-a-s.deviantart.com/

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