for my father

Here, you can introduce yourself. What is your reason to learn Dutch? Work or study? A Dutch-speaking loved one? Sheer curiosity? Share it with us!
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for my father

Post by Krelis » Mon May 27, 2013 11:39 pm

Dad immigrated from Holland when he was only about 8 years old. they lived in Delft. Since then he has never been back. I have never known the dutch language at all. I know that my grandfather spoke it all the time. he never knew any better but he passed away when i was 10 so i never had the chance to know him.
Dads family is/was very large.11 children in all. most of them are too far away other than one uncle. he speaks the language very fluent and with the help from the program Rosetta Stone and this site (it helped understand a whole lot more) i hope to learn the basics in a very short time.
The plan dad is 59 years old. i want for him and i to "go back home" i want to experience all that he did growing up. I want him to see his old house. yes it still stands even after the germans invaded it in the war. (what a great story too. Grandpa had some HUGE courage). i wanna see the bridge where dad hung off to steal fruit from the barges going to the market. I can go on and on but you get the picture.
He would be so proud not only for me to learn my family's native language, but i want to see the smile on his face as we walk down the street that he has not seen in so many years.
And thats why i want to learn.
I was even thinking of ordering used childrens books from Holland to help me out.
i cant wait!
Steven Cornelius Ruigrok

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Re: for my father

Post by BrutallyFrank » Tue May 28, 2013 7:13 am

Hallo Steven,

Welcome here! I hope you can find and learn the things you want to learn here on this site. And achieve your goal ...

BF :mrgreen:
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