Another problem with old words

This is a forum for discussing Old and Middle Dutch, which gave birth to Modern Dutch. This is the place to find fascinating old texts complete with splendid spellings and wonderful word order. If you are interested in reading texts from the Middle Ages and earlier, please come on in. Translations into modern Dutch are required, and translations into modern English are welcome.
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Re: Another problem with old words

Post by Reinier van Noort » Tue May 22, 2012 10:18 am

Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum looking for "Schermkunst" and "Newberry" on google.

I have an prepared article including a full transcription and English translation of the Newberry manuscript "Schermkunst", plus a discussion of its contents. This article is going through its final review phase at the moment. I have also contacted the Newberry library and I am awaiting formal permission to publish this (for free of course). If you want to know more, contact me!

Also, thank you for your compliments on my Bruchius translation. Some day, when I find time, I want to fully revisit this, and prepare it for publication, as I consider the current translation to be too sloppy. Do note that I am not a linguist, though I am a Dutch native, and therefore, while I have a good knowledge of Dutch, I am likely to have made mistakes in the translation. Please keep this in mind when using my Bruchius translation! Again, if you have questions regarding this, contact me!

Good luck and have fun translating!

Reinier van Noort
School voor Historische Schermkunsten (School for Historical Fencing Arts)

PS, as you may gather from the above, the Dutch Historical Martial Arts are also a great interest of mine!

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