Searching for 'penpals' and able to teach Dutch

Are you a native Dutch speaker and would you like to help people who are learning Dutch? Here, you can introduce yourself and let people know how you can help - for example through email, Skype, MSN, or live.
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Searching for 'penpals' and able to teach Dutch

Post by Aarsgebaar » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:41 am

Jagshemash. My name is not Borat though I would like to improve my English
It seems there are several more native Dutch here, but I could not find the right topic to post without concurring to their attempts. So here it is.

My main intent is to improve my English, I do not know the collocations very well, I often use the wrong words and I make many more mistakes I do not recognise myself, as well.

I can teach Dutch, German, French, Latin, ancient Greek and a bit of Frisian.
I am looking for penpals, though you don't need to discuss very serious subjects nor have to answer all the time I send e-mails. I only want to conversate with native English speakers some more. If you answer this, you only have to make a lot of correct sentences and I could explain everything about Dutch and some other languages, all grammar, where words derive from, basic collocations in Dutch, pronunciation (I have a microphone and msn and skype) and everything else about languages that I know. (My mother is a Dutch teacher and she takes languages very seriously)

Feel free to post below if you search for native English speakers too.

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Re: Searching for 'penpals' and able to teach Dutch

Post by Dora » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:50 pm

I could go for that, if you don't mind an American. :)

How about starting with PM's on this forum and then see what happens?


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