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Native English Professional seeking Dutch Language Exchange

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:30 pm
by sonitaw
Hi all -- I am an American married to a Dutch guy. We have been together 9 years so I have got a good grasp of the language - I just hit a brick wall with it because I only practice with his parents. I have only learned by speaking so I have no idea how to write. I also only talk about the same things with my in-laws so I never branch out. I am looking for an exchange, my crappy dutch for me helping you with English professional writing/lingo/pronunciation (AMERICAN). I have an MBA and have been working in Business development for over 5 years. Oh and the reason why i don't make my husband teach me is for whatever reason we have no patience for it with each other, we started speaking English and it's hard to switch.

Hope to hear from you soon!