Pronunciation of 'werk' and 'melk' ('werek' and 'melek')

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How do you pronounce 'gezellig'? What is the difference between 'eu' and 'ui'? How do you write...? You can use the phonetic keyboard if you are familiar with phonetic symbols.
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Pronunciation of 'werk' and 'melk' ('werek' and 'melek')

Post by Bieneke » Thu Aug 11, 2005 9:08 pm

I think there is one thing missing in the chapter "Consonants"
as far as I know there are cases when 2 consonants after each other get the mute e in between: werk pronounced as werek (of course the firt e does not become long), melk - melek, mark - marek.

is that true? as I can see in in my examples those are the words ended with k. maybe its a special case? if so, needs to be added then :)
You must know a Dutch native speaker, otherwise it would not have occurred to you that there can be an audible (but not written) mute e between two consonants! This is not the *standard* pronunciation but you do hear it a lot. Especially in regions where people speak with a very 'strong' R or L (for those who are interested: uvular or alveolar R, retroflex lateral approximant L).

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