1. April 2011: Exam in Dutch Embassy MORE DIFFICULT

NT2 is 'Nederlands als Tweede Taal' or 'Dutch as a second language. 'Inburgering' is 'integration'. Many people who settle in the Netherlands have to do the 'inburgeringsexamen' or 'Staatsexamen NT2'. In this subforum, you can ask questions about this exam. If you have already done the exam, you are warmly invited to share your experience with us!
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1. April 2011: Exam in Dutch Embassy MORE DIFFICULT

Post by adappel » Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:58 am

Non-Western partners from Dutch citizens need to pass an exam in the Dutch Embassy before they can join their Dutch partner.
This exam is becoming extremely more difficult starting at the first of April 2011.
This is not a joke ....
The exam exists since march 2006.
Only 5% did not pass this exam untill now
With the more difficult terms for the exam it is expected that 25% will not pass the exam. This 25% has also been the political objective in 2006, but the 'target' was not met.

Dutch politicians want to reduce immigration from Non-Western countries in this way.
Because the exam in 2006 did not have the 'expected results' , the exam has been made more difficult now.

Of course the measure will have a great impact on relationships between Dutch citizens and their Non-Western partners.

Read: http://frontpage.fok.nl/nieuws/422197/1 ... reden.html

Read information about 'government-approved' (but no way effective!) study-material for the exam in the Embassy: http://www.naarnederland.nl/documentens ... rnederland

Read for more reliable information on this matter: http://www.ikwilnaarnederland.nl/inburgeringstoets.php

If you need more information about this exam and about the content of this exam, please contact me.
Ad Appel

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