Radio show needs volunteers (non-native Dutch speakers)

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Radio show needs volunteers (non-native Dutch speakers)

Post by Bieneke » Sat Nov 11, 2006 5:02 pm

Hoi allemaal,

Dora launched a wonderful (and ambitious!) idea: A radio show in Dutch by non-native speakers! :-D

Now we need volunteers! If you would like to participate, drop Dora a line.

For more information, see: viewtopic.php?t=731 and viewtopic.php?t=754.
Dora wrote:Dutch Radio Drama

Starring you!

A suggestion has been floating around that we record a radio drama for podcast. The idea is that a few of our brave learners will each take a part and record their lines. Then the recordings will be edited together, along with any needed music or sound effects, and we will have produced a play.

I don't have a script to suggest, but the ideal thing would be a play already in Dutch so we can get started right away! The next best thing would be a script in English that we can translate.

Otherwise, we will have to write our own. Then it would become a much bigger, long term project and I'm not sure the end result would be as good, but we'll see what happens.

If anyone writes plays (especially for "radio"), or knows someone who does, or can suggest something we can use let us know! Something short, for our first one.

Then we will have the technical details to work out, but there always seems to be people ready to volunteer to help with things here, so I'm confident that it will work out.

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