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Dutch online grammar course
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news article on the webDutch spelling reform in 2006 This is a web link, which will open a new browser window.Spelling reform in the Low Countries 

Dutch Grammar e-book
The grammar reference on this website is now also available as an e-book (PDF, 385 pages). Click Internal link here to learn more.
Welcome to this Dutch online grammar course. You probably arrived on this page because you take an interest in the Dutch language. Whether you need to learn Dutch for your work or you are just studying it for fun, I hope this site will make the learning process an enjoyable experience.

Where would you like to start?

Link to Dutch grammar reference
Dutch grammar reference
You can immediately jump into the Internal link Dutch Grammar section, where you learn the technical bits of the Dutch language.

Link to audio section
Listen to Dutch audio
You can also start by listening to Internal link Dutch audio to get a feel of what the Dutch language sounds like. All audio files are in mp3 format.

Link to The Gutch Grammar Forum
The Dutch Grammar Forum
On Internal link The Dutch Grammar Forum, you can practice your Dutch, post your questions, and read answers to questions other Dutch learners have asked before you.

Questions? Questions?
     Visit our forum!