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Less common plural endings
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There are a few nouns to which we have to add -eren instead of -en:

het kind de kinderen the child(ren)
het kalf de kalveren the calves
het ei de eieren the eggs
het gemoed de gemoederen the moods
het goed de goederen the goods
het lam de lammeren the lambs
het lied de liederen the songs
het rund de runderen the oxes
het volk de volkeren the peoples

Note the doubled 'm' in lammeren (see keeping vowels short) and the f that turned into v in kalveren (see hard and soft consonants).

The noun 'het been' gets an extra d:

het been de beenderen the bones

'Been' has two different meanings: 1. bone and 2. leg. If it refers to a leg, the noun has a regular plural:

het been de benen the legs

'Het blad' is irregular because we let the short vowel in the singular turn into a long one in the plural. The plural's syllables are separated by dashes so that you can see that the letter a is now a single open vowel. The regular spelling rules dictate that the d be doubled to keep the vowel short.

het blad de bla-de-ren the leaves
het blad de bla-den the sheets (of paper)

Both plurals are irregular. The regular plural form would have been bladden.


Latin nouns that end in -um get -s in the plural. Some nouns can also take -a instead of s. The -a ending comes in the place of -um.

het museum de museums / musea the museums
het stadium de stadiums / stadia the phases
het podium de podiums / podia the (theater) stages
het aquarium de aquariums / aquaria the aquariums

The same can happen to words that end in -on, a less common ending in Dutch.

het stadion de stadions / stadia the stadions

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