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Diminutives ending in -etje
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-tje -etje
-pje -kje

The ending -etje is added to nouns that end in a short vowel followed by a single r, l, n, m or ng.


  • nouns that end in unstressed -el, -er, or -en get -tje?.
  • nouns that end in unstressed -em get -pje?.
  • nouns that end in unstressed -ing get -kje?.
de man het mannetje the man
het gezin het gezinnetje the family
de bal het balletje the ball
het ding het dingetje the thing
het lam het lammetje the lamb
de stem het stemmetje the voice

Note that the final consonant of the noun is doubled in order to keep the vowel short (see rules for keeping vowels short/long). This does not happen to nouns ending in -ng as the vowel remains short after adding -etje.

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