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We do not use a connector if:

  1. the first part ends in a vowel (including the mute e):
  2. the first part ends in unstressed -en, -el, or -em
  3. the first part is not a noun

1. The first part ends in a vowel (including the mute e)

het menu + de kaart de menukaart the menu card
de politie + de agent de politieagent the police officer
het programma + het boekje het programmaboekje the program booklet
de geboorte + het cijfer het geboortecijfer the birth rate

Exception: Compound nouns of which the first part is a diminutive. In this case, you have to use a connecting -s?.

2. The first part ends in unstressed -en, -el, or -em.

In the table below, the stressed syllables are underlined so that it is easy to see that -en, -el, and -em are unstressed.

het kussen + het sloop het kussensloop the pillow case
de sleutel + de hanger de sleutelhanger the key hanger
de bezem + de steel de bezemsteel the broom stick

3. The first part is not a noun.

The first part could be, for example, an adjective, an adverb, a verb, or a noun:

hard + de loper de hardloper the jogger
uit + de gang de uitgang the exit
wandelen + de stok de wandelstok the walking stick

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