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Accents and apostrophes
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In Dutch, we use the following accents:

á Acute accent
ä Dieresis
a' Apostrophe
à Grave accent (rarely used)
â Circonflex accent (rarely used)

For an explanation of the dieresis, see dieresis.

Just like in Dutch, the apostrophe is commonly used in English, although not at all in the same way. The acute accent is not used in English, though it may be known to those who have some knowledge of French. The following pages are dedicated to the apostrophe and the acute accent.

The grave accent used to be a common accent in the Dutch language, but since the spelling reform in the nineties, it is only used in a few borrowed French words. We also use it in the exclamation "Hè!", which can mean several things. Followed by a question mark, it translates to English "What?!", otherwise it means something along the lines of "Oh no!" or "Bugger!"

The circonflex accent is also exclusively used for a handful of originally French words (debâcle).

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