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Stem rule I
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Regular verbs can have long or short vowels. Recall, from the chapter about spelling and pronunciation (see rules for keeping vowels long/short):

long vowel infinitives require long vowel stems

Take, for example, maken (to make).

Following the rule for deriving the crude stem from the infinitive (stem = infinitive minus -en ), we would get:


This is a short vowel (a single, closed vowel).

To keep it long, we need to add an extra a. The stem then becomes:


Examples of similar verbs are:

infinitive english crude stem stem
nemen to take nem neem
lopen to walk lop loop
leren to learn ler leer
koken to cook kok kook
breken to break brek breek
vuren to shoot vur vuur
horen to hear hor hoor
weten to know wet weet

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