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The other verbs (OV)
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The 'other verbs' (OV) are all verbs other than the finite verb. We find the OV at the very end of the right side.

The other verbs

If a sentence has more than one verb, the OV is placed at the end of the sentence. As a consequence, if there is more than one OV, these OV's are always grouped together.

OV's are either infinitives or past participles. Recall, that in general, the independent verb comes last (see independent verbs?).

Left Middle Right
De tulpen zullen heel veel water opnemen
The tulips will absorb a lot of water.
Left Middle Right
De mensen willen niet langer op het eten blijven wachten
The people no longer want to (keep) wait(ing) for dinner.

If a phrase contains an auxiliary verb that requires te, we will simply consider te part of the OV. The same goes for aan het. Recall, that we need the latter to form the continuous.

Left Middle Right
Zij zitten de hele dag te kibbelen
They are quarrelling all day.

In the above example, it is zitten that urges the independent verb kibbelen to be preceded by te.

The word te can also occur in the middle of the OV. This is the case if one of the OVs (rather than the finite verb) is an auxiliary verb that needs to be followed by te.

Left Middle Right
FF? DIROB'? not? OV?
Hij heeft ons niet weten te overtuigen*
He has not managed to convince us.

(*) Recall, that when a past participle serves as an auxiliary verb, it turns into an infinitive?.

We use aan het for the conjugation of the continuous?. Aan het is also considered part of OV:

Left Middle Right
Ze zijn de huizen aan de overkant aan het verbouwen
They are renovating the houses across the street.

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