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Prepositional phrase
  • Klikkja hawn biex tipprintja din il-pagna. Il-kontenut tal-kolonna tan-nofs biss ser jigu pprintjati.
  • Ibghat din il-pagna bl-email.
  • {Zid din il-pagna mal-lista tal-"Favourit" tieghek [IE].)
  • Irraporta zball.
  • Ara il-"wiki code" ta' din il-pagna

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prepositional object

Many verbs require a specific preposition to be connected to a noun or pronoun. E.g. to look for, to dream about, to fight against, to look after, to take care of.

The prepositional phrase is the preposition + the noun/pronoun that follows after it, e.g. "I am looking for my keys" or "He took care of his little sister."

Common verb-preposition combinations (or 'phrasal verbs') in Dutch are:

  • zoeken naar (to search for)
  • geven om (to care about)
  • vechten tegen (to fight against)
  • praten over (to talk about)
  • berusten in (to rest with, to accept)
  • dwingen tot (to force to)
  • overtuigen van (to convince of)

For more phrasal verbs, see verbs and prepositions?.

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