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Subordinating conjunctions
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Where we only have a few co-ordinating conjunctions, the list of subordinating conjunctions is very long. The most common ones are mentioned below.

Subordinating conjunctions can render subordinate clauses that say something about the cause, consequence, condition, reason, time, manner, etc.

omdat because (reason) doordat because (cause)
aangezien, daar since, as dan than
zodat so that (necessary outcome) opdat* so that (intended outcome)
als 1). if
2). as, like
zoals as, like
mits on the condition that tenzij unless

(*) In colloquial Dutch, opdat is often replaced by zodat. This is not entirely correct, as the latter refers to a necessary outcome, not to an intended outcome

voordat before nadat after
terwijl while sinds, sedert since (time)
toen when (past) wanneer when (future)
zodra as soon as zolang as long as
nu now indien if
al, alhoewel, ofschoon although hoezeer to which extent
voorzover in sofar 1) hoe ..., hoe...
2) hoe ..., des te ...
the more ... the more ...
naarmate the ... naargelang the ...

Just like in English, there are many possible combinations with dat. Below, only a few are listed.

dat that behalve dat except that
laat staan dat let go (that) op voorwaarde dat on the condition that

Subordinate conjunctions for short subclauses?

om, ten einde in order to door by
na after alvorens before
zonder without in plaats van instead of

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